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This post is about the last,2009. Please let me if missed something. Here we go!

  1. Jan. 9: Microsoft Corporation releases the beta version of its Windows 7 operating system.
  2. Jan. 14: Steve Jobs takes a six-month medical leave of absence as CEO of Apple Inc.( This caused the keynotes to be done by others)
  3. Jan.30 I join youtube and twitter
  4. Feb. 13: Microsoft places a US $250,000 bounty on the Conficker computer worm’s creator.
  5. Mar 7: NASA launches its Kepler spacecraft from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.
  6. A Computer virus called Conficker was spread through millions of computers, getting onto their computers and destroying files, and sharing information. This was supposed to be a April Fools Joke. (Not a good joke)
  7. May 24: The Space Shuttle Atlantis lands at Edwards Air Force Base in California, United States, after completing the final servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope.
  8. Jun. 8: Apple Inc. debuts the third generation of its iPhone line, iPhone 3GS at Worldwide Developers Conference 2009
  9. Jul. 21: NASA scientists confirm an impact event on Jupiter, the first observed since the impact of Shoemaker-Levy 9 on July 16–22, 1994
  10. Aug. 8: Micro-blogging website Twitter is knocked offline by a distributed denial-of-service attack targetted at a Georgian blogger.
  11. Aug.28: Snow Leopard is released.
  12. Sept. 11: NASA’s Space Shuttle Discovery lands at the Edwards Air Force Base in California, USA.
  13. Oct. 22: The Microsoft operating system Windows 7 goes on retail sale worldwide
  14. Nov. 13 Microsoft admits that the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool contains code that is covered by the Gnu Public License and offers to make it available under the terms of that license
  15. Dec. 19: NASA releases the first ever photo of liquid outside of Earth, in the form of sunlight reflecting on a lake on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.

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Chirstmas means…No Content?

Over the 24-25. I might not post to my blog since it is Christmas. If have question post it the forums.  Also dumb laws are coming back soon. Thank for understanding.

The question for October 7, 2009 is: What is your favorite conspiracy theory?

Mab879 says:

The Area 51 theory. With aliens. Also with new tech.  Just cool.

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