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  1. January 6: Microsoft releases a fix for the WMF vulnerability, ahead of schedule
  2. February 28: Scientists at the Hubble space telescope publish the largest and most detailed image they have yet produced. It contains 16,000 by 12,000 pixels and shows the Pinwheel Galaxy (Messier 101)
  3. March 17: Hackers have managed to get Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system running on an Apple Intel Mac computer. The success ends a competition started to see if the feat was even possible when Apple unveiled computers that used Intel chips.(Now that is apart of Mac OS X.)
  4. April 20: Multiple security flaws are discovered in the Mozilla software package used by programs like Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. Users are urged to download the latest updates.
  5. May 23: Nike and Apple Computer reveal a sports kit called Nike+iPod that works with a new line of running shoes that stores information about the wearer’s performance and displays it or broadcasts it through an iPod.
  6. June 19: The Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) on the Hubble Space Telescope suspends its operation, unexpectedly.
  7. July 19: Japanese officials announce plans to simulate weather for time ranges of decades using the powerful Earth Simulator supercomputer.
  8. August 25: An online software update delivered to the Ubuntu operating system makes its Graphical user interface non-functional. The update is retracted the same day.
  9. September 7: Pluto got kicked from the plant list.
  10. October 16: New results on the artificial creation of the element ununoctium are published. The pathway announced for the detection of element 118 is different from that supposedly used in a fraudulent announcement of its creation in 2002.
  11. November 30: Microsoft releases a new version of its operating system, called Windows Vista for volume license customers. This represents a two year delay compared to the original schedule, and happens five years after the release of Windows XP.
  12. December 5: NASA: announces that it plans to build a permanently occupied station on the Moon, and shuttle persons to it regularly by 2020.

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