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  1. January 4-The United States Department of Labor announces that the United States unemployment rate rose to 5.8% in December
  2. January 8: Fast-food restaurant chain Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas dies at 69.
  3. February 8 : The opening ceremony of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, which are held in Salt Lake City.
  4. February 22-Palindrome Day, At 8:02 pm, on February 20, 2002, the date is read officially as 20:02, 20, 02, 2002. Or 2002 2002 2002
  5. March 1: Space shuttle mission STS-109 is launched at 6:22 A.M.
  6. March 12: Israel ground troops invade the West Bank and Gaza Strip in her largest offensive since the 1982 invasion of Lebanon. Dozens of tanks occupy Ramallah. Thirty-seven total dead so far, Israeli and Palestinian.
  7. April 11:An empty American Airlines jet parked outside a hanger at Los Angeles International Airport rolled through a fence before coming to a stop on a service road.
  8. April 13 Left Handers’ Day
  9. May 25 China Airlines Flight 611, breaks up in mid-flight while flying from Chiang Kai Shek International Airport in Taipei, Taiwan to Hong Kong International Airport in Hong Kong, China. All passengers and crew on board perished.
  10. May 26: Space exploration: The BBC reports that the NASA space probe Mars Odyssey has found signs of huge ice deposits on the planet Mars.
  11. June 11: Hit reality show, American Idol premiered its first episode on Fox Network.
  12. Jule 11: Microsoft’s .Net service is being examined by the European Union for possible breaking of data privacy law
  13. July 1: A Russian Tupolev Tu-154 airliner and a Boeing 757 operated by DHL collide at 35,000ft over Uberlingen, due to failure of correct communication from ground-to-air. The 69 people aboard the Tupolev (mainly Russian schoolchildren) and the two pilots of the Boeing are all killed.
  14. July 25: Open source: Streaming media company RealNetworks has announced that it will support the free software Ogg Vorbis audio compression technology as part of its new open-source initiative. This will provide a mass market for the Vorbis technology, allowing it access to network effects which may make it a serious competitor to Microsoft‘s closed technologies.
  15. August 5: Microsoft has announced that it is to make some concessions towards the proposed final settlement of the United States v. Microsoft case, ahead of the judge’s verdict.
  16. August 8: The F.C.C. votes to require television manufacturers to include digital tunerss in nearly all televisions by 2007.
  17. September 24: Motorola has announced a single-chip satellite navigation receiver, opening the possibility of the addition of location-specific functions to low cost ubiquitous computingdevices. The chip combines RF processing, analog signal processing, digital signal processing and a CPU on a single chip.
  18. September 30: NOAA and NASA researchers announce the ozone hole over Antarctica has grown markedly smaller since last year and has broken into two, due to warmer temperatures.
  19. October 17: U.S. officials announce the existence of a clandestine North Korea nuclear weapons program, admitted to by North Korean officials.
  20. October 25: IBM has announced that its Blue Gene petaflop supercomputer architecture will use the Linux operating system.
  21. November 6: The US Federal Reserve lowered its overnight bank-lending rate to 1.25 percent, and this bigger-than-expected rate cut signals there may be more weakness in the economy than the market expected. The Fed indicated in its statements accompanying the rate cut that concern about a war with Iraq and the thread of terrorism may be slowing consumer and business spending.
  22. November 26: US President George W. Bush signs into law the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act which creates a federal backstop for insurance claims related to acts of terrorism.
  23. December 1:World AIDS Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of the global AIDS epidemic caused by the spread of HIV infection.
  24. December 19: AOL Time Warner announced that they had been issued a patent for instant messaging. AOL said that they have no plans to enforce the patent, but it could cause son major amigos problems for the purveyors of other instant messaging systems, in particular Microsoft and Yahoo!.
  25. December 29: Sports Illustrated magazine announces that cyclist Lance Armstrong is their Sportsman of the Year.

The information in post was found at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2002


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