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This show that God has great News for us. If you feel that you need to know this God and need to be saved.  All you need to admit these things

  1. That you have sinned, and you ask God for forgiveness
  2. The God is Son of God
  3. That God is Jesus is your LORD and Savior

Thats all! If you need a prayer request  please submit it here

May God be With you!


As we Start Development at Mab879 Software start we a noticed the name is a little long. So we arr look at some new names for Mab879 Software. We are thinking of WinDev Software (WinDev). If have any ideas please comment below.



Stop Spamming. Or else.

This what comment I am getting

and it ticking me off if look down on the page see how many spam comments I get. So please stop spamming or I will turn off comments.

Happy New Year’s

Happy New Year from all of us here at Mab879 and Companies.

Chirstmas means…No Content?

Over the 24-25. I might not post to my blog since it is Christmas. If have question post it the forums.  Also dumb laws are coming back soon. Thank for understanding.

Do so issues with my Windows install the BETA is delayed until January 31,2010. This hopeful will not affect the final that is planned for March 6,2010. Thank for condensation.

Also I need help with getting it ready. To help please read this post on the forums.  If you know C# or Database I could use your help.

Again the beta of the Mab879 Homework Manager is being pushed back to January 31,2009.



Where to you go to find bloggers?

I got a about 12 view from a site called BlogSurfer. I asked myself “Where go to find bloggers?”.


A blog network by Chris Pirillo

2. BlogSurfer

Showcase of blogs.

Winter Bilzzard

Big Drift

Here are some picture of winter blizzard in Des Moines, Iowa Area.

As you know Mab879 Software is working on a task manager. This lead me to work on the mab879 software site. This is for developers, but you can also join but you help give us feedback. So this is the reason I have not posted.

Also due this content weekend is DELAYED for this weekend. It might not happen in November who knows.  Again, content weekend for November 21-22 is DELAYED until future notice.

What’s going on?!

I know I have not posted I a while. I have had a lot thing happen. A church camp last week. Also Content week should be next weekend. Topic I am planing on is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.