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What did I tell you.

Wrote on 12/13/2009

The world has not ended yet. Look by my 2012 story.



The second reason is that  since the year 44 there has been over 200 predictions that were wrong. Here are a few predictions.  Michael Drosnin thought that the world would end in either 2000, 2006, or 2012.  Hal Lindsay thought the world would end in 2007.  Scott Mandelker thinks the world will end in 2010 or 2012.

I hope you enjoyed this series. This topic may be brought up at a later date.


This is part two of “Why the world will not end in 2012?”

In this post I will why the Mayan Calendar Theory is untrue.  The society failed will all of a sudden. That might explain why the calendar stop on December 22,2012. Yes, The Mayans did predict solar eclipses thousands of years before they happened. But, the sudden fail of the society makes me think that this job (the making of the calendar) was finished.

In up coming posts I explain on the title “Top reasons why the World will not end in 2012.”

I hope you find this interesting.