1. Jan. 9: After conducting further research, NASA astronomers have determined that asteroid 2007 WD5 now has a 0.01% chance of striking Mars on January 30, 2008, effectively ruling out an impact.
  2. Feb. 20: The Space Shuttle Atlantis lands at Kennedy Space Center following the conclusion of the STS-122 assembly mission to theInternational Space Station
  3. Mar. 6: The discovery of the Rings of the Saturnian moon Rhea, the first known rings around a moon, is announced.
  4. Apr. 17: Researchers have built the world’s smallest transistor – one atom thick and 10 atoms wide – out of a material that could one day replace silicon.
  5. May 3: Microsoft withdraws its bid for Yahoo! after the two companies fail to reach agreement on a price.
  6. Jun. 9: Apple, Inc. introduces a new iPhone with 3G capabilities, a GPS, and new features. The device is called iPhone 3G.
  7. Jun. 9. http://mab879.blogspot.com(My old blog was started.)
  8. Aug. 19: Shawn Johnson win a Gold metal at Summer Olympics.
  9. Sept. 9: Apple Inc. unveils the revamped iPod line-up including the redesigned, fourth-generation iPod Nano.
  10. Oct. 28 : At its Professional Developers Conference, Microsoft delivers a pre-beta release of Windows 7 to developers, and announces plans to release a full Windows 7 beta early in 2009.
  11. Nov.15 Mission STS-126 commences with the launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour. The spacecraft will deliver equipment required to increase the crew capacity of the International Space Station from three to six members.
  12. Dec 5: NASA delays the launch of the Mars Science Laboratory by two years because of lengthening delays and lingering technical issues.

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