1. January 16: The Space Shuttle Columbia launches on its last mission STS-107. It disintegrated 16 days later.
  2. January 26: American Football Super Bowl XXXVII: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Oakland Raiders, 48-21.
  3. February 1: Space Shuttle Columbia incident: The Space Shuttle Columbia was reported to have disintegrated over Texas on its final approach to a landing after its 28th space mission. All seven crew members were killed in the disaster. It was later discovered that a piece of foam insulation had broken off the external fuel tank and punctured a hole in the left wing during launch.
  4. Februaruy 7: President George W. Bush ordered the government to draw up guidelines for cyber-attacks against enemy computer networks, according to a Washington Post report. The order is known as National Security Presidential Directive 16.
  5. February 23: Michael Jordan makes NBA history when he scores 43 points for the Washington Wizards versus the New Jersey Nets, becoming the first player over 40 years old to score 40 or more points in a game, and leading the Wizards to a 89-86 win.
  6. March 4: Reports of a new security vulnerability in sendmail have been circulating, together with proof-of-concept exploit code. This raises fears of an imminent new Internet worm problem, unless existing vulnerable implementations are patched in time.
  7. March 17: US invasion of Iraq: President George W. Bush announces in a televised speech that Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and his sons have 48 hours to leave Iraq, or the United States will initiate preemptive military action against Iraq
  8. April 17: 2003 invasion of Iraq
  9. April 29: Lynn Htun, suspected of being the head of the Fluffi Bunni computer cracker ring, is arrested in London.
  10. May 2: U.S. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics announces that the unemployment rate rose to 6% in April as employers cut 48,000 jobs, smaller than the consensus estimate of 75,000. This followed a revised decline of 124,000 jobs in March.
  11. May 14: SCO v. IBM Linux lawsuit: Apparently noticing the incongruity of their selling a Linux distribution while suing IBM for stealing their intellectual property and giving it to the developers of that operating system, the SCO Group (formerly Caldera) announces they will no longer distribute Linux. According to their press release, “SCO will continue to support existing SCO Linux and Caldera OpenLinux customers and hold them harmless from any SCO intellectual property issues regarding SCO Linux and Caldera OpenLinux products.”
  12. May 14: DARPA‘s Information Processing Technology Office solicits bids for the LifeLog project, an extremely ambitious effort to create a massive searchable computer database, “an ontology-based (sub)system that captures, stores, and makes accessible the flow of one person’s experience in and interactions with the world … The objective … is to be able to trace the ‘threads’ of an individual’s life in terms of events, states, and relationships”
  13. June 17: Linus Torvalds announces that he will take a leave of absence from his job at Transmeta to work full-time at OSDL on the Linux kernel.
  14. June 29: The Widely-Syndicated Comic Strip Garfield celebrates its 25th anniversary
  15. July 4:The us turns another year old.
  16. July 7: MSNBC fires conservative talk show host Michael Savage for making several anti-gay remarks towards a prank caller posing as a homosexual. Savage, who was angered by aggressive personal attacks made by “East Coast Bob,” the prank caller, stated that the caller “should only get AIDS and die”. Gay rightsgroup GLAAD applauds the decision to fire Savage.( Mab879 says the Homosexual are violating Gods plan. If keep the aids part then should be still working there.)
  17. July 14: The United States Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight announces an investigation into the accounting of America’s two largest mortgage firmsFreddie Mac and Fannie Mae
  18. August: 14 A major power outage due to a power grid failure affects more than 50 million people in the northeast of North America, including New York City, New Jersey,Cleveland, Ottawa, Toronto and Detroit
  19. August 27: Astronomy: Mars passes Earth at a distance of under 55.76 million kilometers, the closest it has been in approximately 60,000 years
  20. September 1: SCO vs Linux: SCO Germany is ordered to pay fine of 10,000 Euro because they were ordered to cease their allegations that Linux contains stolen intellectual property of SCO.
  21. September 10: Terrorism: Al-Qaida sued over September 11 attacks. Major insurance companies are sueing al-Qaida and Middle Eastern governments in a bid to recoverbillions of dollars in losses related to the September 11 attacks.
  22. October 14 :Microsoft chatrooms close today. Free unmoderated chatrooms outside the US are close in what Microsoft claim is an attempt to safeguard children.
  23. October 16: Apple launches its iTunes Music Store, an online download music store, for the Microsoft Windows platform. The iTunes software can be downloaded from apple.com for free.
  24. November 5: Microsoft contributes $500,000 to fund the search of computer viruses and other malicious code writers, starting with the MSBlast computer worm and the Sobig virus originators.
  25. November: 6: An intruder attempts to insert a Trojan horse program into the code of the next version of the Linux kernel, stored at a publicly accessible source-code repository database. Security features of the BitKeeper system detect the illicit changes within 24 hours. The changes, which would have introduced a security flaw to the kernel, never became a part of the Linux code
  26. December 2: Pirate copies of a pre-alpha version of Microsoft’s Windows “Longhorn” (aka Vista) operating system go on sale in Malaysiamore than a year ahead of its expected release date.
  27. December 17: Linux kernel 2.6.0 is released by Linus Torvalds.

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