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As we Start Development at Mab879 Software start we a noticed the name is a little long. So we arr look at some new names for Mab879 Software. We are thinking of WinDev Software (WinDev). If have any ideas please comment below.




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I am testing out Spice Works. I will post a review in few weeks. This gives me time to review it. SpiceWorks is a free IT software package. With some ads. If want to go ad free you must pay.

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Here are some trends I noticed

  • A lot Apple released dates on the 9th
  • An new iPhone comes each June.

If find others please comment.

This post is about the last,2009. Please let me if missed something. Here we go!

  1. Jan. 9: Microsoft Corporation releases the beta version of its Windows 7 operating system.
  2. Jan. 14: Steve Jobs takes a six-month medical leave of absence as CEO of Apple Inc.( This caused the keynotes to be done by others)
  3. Jan.30 I join youtube and twitter
  4. Feb. 13: Microsoft places a US $250,000 bounty on the Conficker computer worm’s creator.
  5. Mar 7: NASA launches its Kepler spacecraft from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.
  6. A Computer virus called Conficker was spread through millions of computers, getting onto their computers and destroying files, and sharing information. This was supposed to be a April Fools Joke. (Not a good joke)
  7. May 24: The Space Shuttle Atlantis lands at Edwards Air Force Base in California, United States, after completing the final servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope.
  8. Jun. 8: Apple Inc. debuts the third generation of its iPhone line, iPhone 3GS at Worldwide Developers Conference 2009
  9. Jul. 21: NASA scientists confirm an impact event on Jupiter, the first observed since the impact of Shoemaker-Levy 9 on July 16–22, 1994
  10. Aug. 8: Micro-blogging website Twitter is knocked offline by a distributed denial-of-service attack targetted at a Georgian blogger.
  11. Aug.28: Snow Leopard is released.
  12. Sept. 11: NASA’s Space Shuttle Discovery lands at the Edwards Air Force Base in California, USA.
  13. Oct. 22: The Microsoft operating system Windows 7 goes on retail sale worldwide
  14. Nov. 13 Microsoft admits that the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool contains code that is covered by the Gnu Public License and offers to make it available under the terms of that license
  15. Dec. 19: NASA releases the first ever photo of liquid outside of Earth, in the form of sunlight reflecting on a lake on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.
  1. Jan. 9: After conducting further research, NASA astronomers have determined that asteroid 2007 WD5 now has a 0.01% chance of striking Mars on January 30, 2008, effectively ruling out an impact.
  2. Feb. 20: The Space Shuttle Atlantis lands at Kennedy Space Center following the conclusion of the STS-122 assembly mission to theInternational Space Station
  3. Mar. 6: The discovery of the Rings of the Saturnian moon Rhea, the first known rings around a moon, is announced.
  4. Apr. 17: Researchers have built the world’s smallest transistor – one atom thick and 10 atoms wide – out of a material that could one day replace silicon.
  5. May 3: Microsoft withdraws its bid for Yahoo! after the two companies fail to reach agreement on a price.
  6. Jun. 9: Apple, Inc. introduces a new iPhone with 3G capabilities, a GPS, and new features. The device is called iPhone 3G.
  7. Jun. 9. old blog was started.)
  8. Aug. 19: Shawn Johnson win a Gold metal at Summer Olympics.
  9. Sept. 9: Apple Inc. unveils the revamped iPod line-up including the redesigned, fourth-generation iPod Nano.
  10. Oct. 28 : At its Professional Developers Conference, Microsoft delivers a pre-beta release of Windows 7 to developers, and announces plans to release a full Windows 7 beta early in 2009.
  11. Nov.15 Mission STS-126 commences with the launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour. The spacecraft will deliver equipment required to increase the crew capacity of the International Space Station from three to six members.
  12. Dec 5: NASA delays the launch of the Mars Science Laboratory by two years because of lengthening delays and lingering technical issues.

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  1. January 27: The Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) device on board the Hubble Space Telescope has an electrical failure and shuts down. Mission members do not expect that the camera can be brought back to full working order.
  2. February 25: The Rosetta spacecraft successfully swings by the planet Mars on its way to the comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.
  3. March 21: The SpaceX Falcon 1 is launched for the first time. The mission achieves a partial success, after the second stage rocket engine cuts off earlier than planned.
  4. April 18: The BlackBerry network, supporting the transfers of E-mail messages, is interrupted for a period of multiple hours, starting around midnight
  5. June 22: Space Shuttle Atlantis lands safely at Edwards Air Force Base, California, after inclement weather prevents a landing at Kennedy Space Center, Florida, ending STS-117.
  6. July 5: Due to a strong dust storm, the planned activities of the Opportunity rover on Mars, including entering the crater Victoria, are delayed.
  7. June 29: Apple releases the iPhone.
  8. July 21: NASA mission scientists raise concerns that ongoing prolonged Martian dust storms could disable the Mars Exploration Rovers.
  9. August 6:NASA reports that three galaxies the size of the Milky Way are colliding with another galaxy three times the size of the Milky Way in cluster CL0958+4702. The eventual galaxy could be up to ten times the size of the Milky Way.
  10. September 5: Apple released a new selection of iPods, creating an “iPod touch,” updating the “nano,” and re-branding the “classic” iPods.
  11. October 26: Apple Inc. launches the sixth major release of their Mac OS X operating system, entitled Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.
  12. November: 12 Intel announces that it is using a hafnium compound instead of silicon dioxide to insulate transistors in its newly introduced Penrynmicroprocessor, eliminating power leakage through the gate (but not through the channel).
  13. December 17: Microsoft announces that Internet Explorer version 8 passes tests for standards compliance.

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  1. January 6: Microsoft releases a fix for the WMF vulnerability, ahead of schedule
  2. February 28: Scientists at the Hubble space telescope publish the largest and most detailed image they have yet produced. It contains 16,000 by 12,000 pixels and shows the Pinwheel Galaxy (Messier 101)
  3. March 17: Hackers have managed to get Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system running on an Apple Intel Mac computer. The success ends a competition started to see if the feat was even possible when Apple unveiled computers that used Intel chips.(Now that is apart of Mac OS X.)
  4. April 20: Multiple security flaws are discovered in the Mozilla software package used by programs like Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird. Users are urged to download the latest updates.
  5. May 23: Nike and Apple Computer reveal a sports kit called Nike+iPod that works with a new line of running shoes that stores information about the wearer’s performance and displays it or broadcasts it through an iPod.
  6. June 19: The Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) on the Hubble Space Telescope suspends its operation, unexpectedly.
  7. July 19: Japanese officials announce plans to simulate weather for time ranges of decades using the powerful Earth Simulator supercomputer.
  8. August 25: An online software update delivered to the Ubuntu operating system makes its Graphical user interface non-functional. The update is retracted the same day.
  9. September 7: Pluto got kicked from the plant list.
  10. October 16: New results on the artificial creation of the element ununoctium are published. The pathway announced for the detection of element 118 is different from that supposedly used in a fraudulent announcement of its creation in 2002.
  11. November 30: Microsoft releases a new version of its operating system, called Windows Vista for volume license customers. This represents a two year delay compared to the original schedule, and happens five years after the release of Windows XP.
  12. December 5: NASA: announces that it plans to build a permanently occupied station on the Moon, and shuttle persons to it regularly by 2020.

January 20 – George W. Bush is inaugurated in Washington, D.C. for his second term as the 43rd President of the United States

February 10 – North Korea announces that it possesses nuclear weapons as a protection against the hostility it feels from the United States.

March 28: Luxtera has announced a new type of silicon chip which could blend the low-cost manufacturing prowess of the semiconductor with laseroptical networking. By April 2006 Luxtera expect to have an inexpensive chip that can handle 10-gigabit office networks

April 28: The Deep Impact spacecraft takes the first picture of its target comet, Tempel 1. The mission is on schedule to create an impact crater on July 4, 2005.

May 8: Motorola has created a carbon nanotube prototype panel of 4.7 inches that can be a part of a HDTV with a 1,280 x 720 resolution. The nanotube emitting displays (NED) are less expensive, bright, fast response time, wide viewing angle, and color almost as good as CRT’s. NED’s can be in production in two years if adopted quickly by industry

June 6: Apple Computer announces they will change the processors for their Macintosh computer lineup from IBM PowerPCs to Intel-made CPUs

July 4: The so-called “Impactor” released by the Deep Impact probe collides with the Comet Tempel 1 and creates a dustcloud that will be analyzed by telescopes worldwide.

August 10: Apple Computer fails to patent the iPod interface technology because a Microsoft researcher already registered a similar patent in 2002.

September 4: Gamma ray photons arrive at Earth from the most distant Gamma-ray burst known today, and are first detected by the Swift spacecraft.

October 31: Scientists working with the Hubble Space Telescope announce two new possible moons circling the planet Pluto.

November 29: The new version of Firefox 1.5 becomes publicly available for download.

December 31: A leap second is added to UTC at midnight GMT to keep clocks worldwide synchronized with the Earth’s rotation

That it for 2005. Infomation found