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Chirstmas means…No Content?

Over the 24-25. I might not post to my blog since it is Christmas. If have question post it the forums.  Also dumb laws are coming back soon. Thank for understanding.


Do so issues with my Windows install the BETA is delayed until January 31,2010. This hopeful will not affect the final that is planned for March 6,2010. Thank for condensation.

Also I need help with getting it ready. To help please read this post on the forums.  If you know C# or Database I could use your help.

Again the beta of the Mab879 Homework Manager is being pushed back to January 31,2009.



WordPress 2.9 is out.

This is just a quick post. 2.7 Carmen is now out. More information coming soon with a review.

Dumb Laws update

I decided to edit how I will post the dumb laws. I still post by state but when I will posted that is changing he is how it will go. I somedays I will post one at the being of the day. Like the question of the day. Sometimes I will post in bursts. This is the reason not all 50 states where done this weekend. If laws you would like to see here e-mail them to


Dumb laws in Utah!

As a part of December’s 2009 Content weekend I present to you Dumb law in Utah.

1. It is illegal to fish from a horse’s back.

2. It is illegal to NOT drink milk. (put down the soda)

3. It is illegal to denote any nuclear weapon. ( If have nuclear bombing utah is the place to go)

4. Bird way the right of way on all highways

5. A husband is responsible for every criminal act committed by his wife while she is in his presence.

6. It is a felony to persistently tread on the cracks between paving stones on the sidewalk of a state highway.

7. In Salt County it illegal to host a trombone concert to advertise auctions.

8. In Provo you can’t throw snowballs. ( oh, Come On!)

9. Violins are not held inside paper bags in Salt County

10. In Trout Creek you can’t buy gun powder.

11. One cow per person in Ogden.

As a part of content weekend here dumb laws in Iowa.


1. Kisses can’t last longer then 5 minutes.

2. A man with a moustache may not kiss a woman in public. (Sorry guys)

3. A one-armed piano player must play for free.

4. Ministers must obtain a permit carry there liquor across site lines. ( Hold it Ministers should even have liquor)

5. All boxes used to pick hops musted be exactly 36 inches long.


In Mount Vernon Trowing rock, sticks or firing missiles onto the highway is illegal with written consent.

In Ottumwa it illegal for men to wink a woman he does not know.

(OLD) In Des Moines it illgeal to dance from 2 AM – 6 AM

As a side note to long a go a party long the Des Moines got shut do to this old law.

I got a about 12 view from a site called BlogSurfer. I asked myself “Where go to find bloggers?”.


A blog network by Chris Pirillo

2. BlogSurfer

Showcase of blogs.

For December’s content weekend the topic will be.. DUMB Laws. We start with Iowa. If laws you to be on your state or any other state post a comment to this post.

Winter Bilzzard

Big Drift

Here are some picture of winter blizzard in Des Moines, Iowa Area.

Stop Spamming me!

According Akisment It has protected my blog from 8  spam comment. There is only 4 comments on my blog.  So who ever is doing this STOP! If don’t I will have your IP address blocked.  Also start commenting. If comment on mine I might comment on yours.